Construction Legal have extensive experience in workplace, health and safety matters

In the construction industry, safety is paramount. The team at Construction Legal have substantive experience in advising developers, head contractors, subcontractors and directors on their respective obligations under the Work Health and Safety Legislation so that site incidents and prosecution is avoided. For that reason, we provide our contractor clients with on going support and training on all their rights and obligations relating to safety in the construction industry.

Construction Legal is also experienced in representing contractors and directors who have work place prosecutions brought against them and have over time built relationships with Worksafe NSW.

Our breadth of experience

  • Legal advice on the statutory framework within which construction companies operate from a work, health and safety perspective;
  • Providing advice and developing strategies and procedures to manage and control workplace and safety issues.
  • Tailored advice and recommendations for directors to ensure on-going compliance with director duties under the legislative framework.
  • Investigating workplace incidents alongside site safety managers and HR staff (including setting up a privilege protocol to ensure privilege is maintained for any anticipated legal proceedings.
  • Incident response advice and Crisis management training
  • Prosecution defence work, including responding to enforcement action and notices and litigation.

“Thank you for turning around some incredibly stressful situations and your ongoing support that has helped us prevented others. Your competence, professionalism and knowledge make the Construction Legal team my go to for trusted advice when we need it. Your help with everything from compliance to defence has helped us face safety issues with confidence. Both the service and dedication from Construction Legal has been excellent — you guys work so hard to ensure the best possible result for your clients and it shows.”


Our team of lawyers have extensive experience with the strategies needed to reduce the risk of safety issues at your workplace to create a safer environment.

Construction Legal Pty Ltd provides advice to clients in the building and construction industry in Australia.