Contract Management & Advisory Services

"With each contract negotiation, Construction Legal makes an effort to thoroughly investigate and qualify the issue raised with our project team so that the company’s interests and risk profile is properly reflected in the contract that is finally agreed. Jessica and her team really understand the issues facing head contractors like IMPERO CONSRUCTIONS and have a good grasp of the commercial nature of construction.  I highly recommend Construction Legal to all head contractors operating in the residential and commercial development space."



Expert Construction Lawyers in All Areas of Building and Construction Law

Responding to our clients’ needs

Our clients often require non-legal, construction consulting and advisory services which supplement the legal and commercial advice that we provide on infrastructure projects and disputes.
As a full-service legal and construction advisory firm, we pride ourselves with creating innovative business solutions for our clients, whether it is for their business, transaction or construction project.
Examples include commercial manager roles, contract administration and claims consultants.
The benefit of Construction Legal providing these services is that (depending on client requirements) the output from these resources is overseen and guided by our legal and commercial leadership, so that any advice that is provided is aligned with the appropriate legal and commercial strategy.

Specialist areas of dispute

Construction Legal can provide construction consulting and advisory services at each stage of a transaction or project lifecycle.  

Some examples of Supplementary services that we can provide:

  • Commercial management
  • Claim preparation
  • Contract management
  • Supplier reviews
  • Project reporting
  • Progress claim collation and management
  • Tender documentation and assessment
  • Correspondence administration
  • Strategic portfolio reviews
  • Advice on project and business governance
  • Project reviews
  • Feasibility studies
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