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Working Closely with Our Team

We understand that our Team are integral to a productive and enjoyable work environment and we’re proud of their wide ranging perspectives, beliefs, skills and backgrounds. Our business fosters:

  • cultural and Indigenous inclusion
  • equal opportunities for women
  • support for the LGBTQ+ community
  • flexibility for carers and parents

We have a genuine desire to make a meaningful contribution to our Team’s lives.

Diversity at Construction Legal

Providing a safe and enjoyable working environment is something we create side-by-side with our Team so each person feels valued and respected.

Participating in the conversation creates a stronger sense of value and engagement. Being a small, boutique business enables us to have an agile policy approach to provide support, awareness and education.

Respecting and valuing each other at work is a key part of our approach to diversity. By recognising individual values, cultural insights, the need for flexibility and a sense of belonging in the workplace, we foster an environment of inclusion and collaboration.

We continue to strive to make Construction Legal a place where people want to work, grow and achieve.

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance)

We recognise that our impact and thoughtfulness behind ESG is important, even though we are a small company. Our strategy can be viewed as a program of continuous improvement through action and education.



  • minimise our footprint through good office practice ie, recycling and minimising waste
  • purchase products that are certified as carbon neutral and/or made from recycled materials
  • minimise our energy and water use wherever possible


  • ensure our Team are provided with updated processes and opportunities to understand and act both at work and at home


  • stay in tune with changes that can be implemented and keep an open dialogue for all our Team to be able to make suggestions and establish
    new environmental goals and practices


Employment standards and Health & Safety

  • ensure employees can work productively and safely
  • create channels of communication that provide support and allow for feedback and action where needed

Privacy and data protection

  • Create and continuously improve IT policies which enable best corporate practice and provides data privacy and protection for both staff
    and clients
  • Educate our Team on best practice for all IT activity

Human rights and community care

  • Actively engage with nominated charities by providing financial contribution, Team volunteer time and free legal advice
  • Acknowledgment of First Peoples through meaningful actions
  • Recognise our responsibility to respect human rights including abolishing modern slavery
  • Encourage our Team to discuss and put forward their personal charitable and community service passions
  • Regularly evaluate the impact and contribution to our community and conduct round table discussion with the Team during our Weekly meetings


Ethics and Culture:

  • Ensure our Team understands the decision making chain and have managers who provide enquiry support
  • Provide an enjoyable and safe place to work
  • Celebrate achievements and milestones

Leadership and Corporate Governance:

  • Include group input into the strategic direction of the Company
  • Provide strong mentoring with a view to enhance individual growth
  • Lead with high professional standards and be ethical decision makers

Continue to implement and evaluate our business philosophy across the following key areas:

  • Strategy development and opportunities
  • Working with the highest integrity for our clients
  • Identify career growth and education opportunities for our Team