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Security of Payment

Experts in Security of Payment with Extensive Experience

Our team has many years of experience acting for respondents and claimants in relation to progress claims, payment schedules and adjudication under the security of payment legislation.

The Objective of the Act

Prior to the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 1999 (NSW), getting paid could sometimes be a long drawn-out battle for head contractors and subcontractors. In some instances, non-payment would drive subcontractors into insolvency.

With the introduction of the Act, contractors and subcontractors now have statutory rights to prompt payment for performing construction work and related services.

Head contractors, subcontractors and consultants providing construction related services can use the Act to secure payment on account of the amount ultimately due, both inexpensively and fast without the need for an extensive use of lawyers, hearings in court, witnesses and cross examinations. The process of assessment of claims is extremely short. Within a matter of weeks, a claimant can have a judgment for a progress payment on account, which compels the respondent to pay.

Our breadth of experience

At Construction Legal, we understand that the security of payment legislation is highly beneficial for our clients as it allows for a cost effective determination of progress claims and avoids litigation. Our team has over 13 years’ experience dealing with the security of payment legislation and will provide your company with in depth legal advice, based on our thorough understanding of building and construction law.

We have extensive experience in:

  • General advice under the Security of Payment Act
  • Preparing payment claims
  • Preparing payment schedules
  • Adjudication Application
  • Adjudication Responses
  • Judicial review of adjudication determinations

* Please note that your consultation will not constitute legal advice. We are unable to provide legal advice without a signed retainer as per Law Society regulations.

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“The team at Construction Legal has assisted us in multiple successful adjudications under the security of payment legislation, assisted in preparing detailed payment claims and engaging in effective settlement negotiations to ensure prompt payment. We use Construction Legal for all our construction and contract needs because we know we will get prompt, strategic and legal solutions that are appropriate for our business.”


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