Litigation for Property and Construction

We understand that litigation is considered a last resort option and that clients want cost effective solutions. That’s why at Construction Legal we begin with making a detailed assessment of the dispute at hand and will evaluate your chances of success. At Construction Legal you will be receiving the highest quality of advice as our team have decades of litigation experience. Furthermore, we are always ensuring that our understanding of legal issues is up to date by conducting thorough legal research.

We have a network of experienced construction, property and engineering experts and barristers who we frequently consult with to ensure that we have a detailed, expert understanding of the case at hand.

We have extensive experience litigating the following types of disputes:

  • Leasing and property disputes
  • Possession orders
  • Construction disputes
  • Breach of Contract

“The team at Construction Legal are always successful in court and continue to take care of us after every case is closed in order to ensure that court orders are complied with by our opposing parties.”


Disputes can escalate quickly and can be a major disruption and expense to your project. At Construction Legal, we can provide with prompt legal advice on how to resolve your dispute quickly and commercially.

Construction Legal Pty Ltd provides advice to clients in the building and construction industry in Australia.