Commercial Litigation

Strategic Commercial Lawyers to Manage Your Pre-Litigation Disputes and Litigation Process

At Construction Legal, you will receive top-tier law firm advice without the prohibitive cost.

Our litigation lawyers have acted on a broad range of high-value corporate and commercial matters including contentious regulatory matters in the various state and federal Courts. Our client-base ranges from private and public companies, private clients, investors, financiers, and governmental entities.

We understand that litigation is often considered a last resort and that clients require cost effective solutions. That is why our lawyers begin with making a detailed assessment of the dispute at hand to provide you with frank advice on your prospects of success and a clear roadmap to resolution.

Commercial Litigation Services:

Complex and technical commercial and contract matters

  • Contractual disputes
  • Financial contracts, charges and mortgages, guarantees, and security interest including PPSA
  • Breach of trust

    Contentious equity disputes

    Corporations law and regulatory obligations under Corporations Act

    • Director duties and obligations
    • Insolvent trading
    • Shareholder arrangements and company assets matters

    Partnership and joint venture disputes

    • Partnerships, trusts and company groups
    • Powers, rights, duties and obligations of directors, representatives and managers
    • Power of attorney disputes

    Contentious workplace prosecutions and/or defences including work health and safety

    • Work health and safety obligations

    Tortious negligence

    • Professional negligence
    • Misleading or deceptive conduct
    • Personal injury and workers compensation injury claim

    Injunctions and applications for interim relief

    • Urgent injunction to prevent publication of damaging and defamatory information

    Debt recovery and insolvency

    • Court ordered enforcements and costs assessments
    • Creditors petition and bankruptcy proceedings

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